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Unit Size Average Monthly Price
5x5 $60.00
5x10 $88.00
10x10 $195.00
10x15 $225.00
10x20 $261.00

Business Storage Units

Does your business need to store something like inventory, equipment or furniture? It's a bit of a trick question because almost every business does. If you have inventory, you need space to store it. If you need to keep paper records of your patients or transactions, your taxes, or receipts, then you need storage. You might simply need temporary storage while you renovate your office, or storage to hold your materials while you prepare for a big job.

Your storage needs are as unique as your business, so how do you find units that will fulfill your needs? We’ll walk you through common business storage needs and how we can help you find the right business storage units at FindStorageFast. Local Business Storage Locations

Local Business Storage Locations

Time is money. It may sound cliché but it’s true, and it’s an important consideration when it comes to storage units. You need a local solution that is as close to your business as possible whether you have a storefront, or you work out of your home. The less time you spend driving to the storage facility when you need to grab something, the better. This is especially true for short-term storage or storage that you may need to access frequently.

Inconsistent temperatures can also lead to moisture issues, and moisture can lead to all kinds of damage across a wide variety of materials. Anything made of wood can warp, split, and crack when temperatures continuously fluctuate. However, if you add moisture into the mix, you can see some of your most cherished items damaged by mould, mildew and even rust. Small Store Storage

Small Store Storage

One of the most common reasons for a business to need storage is that its retail location is too small. Maybe you use your home, mostly sell at trade shows, or just have a small store. You don’t need to sell in small volumes just because you don’t have the room to hold more inventory. Especially for busy seasons like Christmas, consider getting a storage unit to hold extra merchandise to sell. Climate Controlled Units

Climate Controlled Units

You may be wondering what to do if you sell goods that are sensitive to temperature, or need to store materials that have to be kept cold, or warm? Whether you sell candy, flowers, food, or use materials that are sensitive to temperature, you can find storage units that can keep your things at their ideal temperature. That includes air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter. 24-Hour Access Business Storage

24-Hour Access Business Storage

Once your items are stored, you will eventually need to access them again. Having convenient access might be important to meet deadlines, ship orders, or respond promptly to customer or regulatory requests. There needs to be a balance between security features and fast access to your items. You can find storage facilities that will allow you to access your stuff 24 hours a day, making it much simpler to run your business and get what you need. Seasonal Business Storage

Seasonal Business Storage

When is your busy season? If you find that you can’t keep up with demand because you cannot stock enough product or materials to make more sales, then you should invest in a storage unit to enable you to keep more inventory on-hand. Your retail business will be more successful if you have enough room for the holiday season or your busy season. You do not need to pay for the storage rental year-round. Drive-Up Storage Units

Drive-Up Storage Units

Will you be frequently accessing your storage? Moving many heavy objects, pallets, or bins in and out frequently? The most convenient option for you might be a drive-up storage unit. Instead of being stored in a space that you can only access by walking, there are many storage units that you can drive up to. It is simpler for you to load and unload units that are this accessible, saving you time and energy when you need to access whatever you’re storing. Security Features Available

Security Features Available

When you’re storing essential items, supplies or inventory for your business, you want to minimize the risk of theft. Your storage facility should have security features to protect your unit, including quality locks, surveillance, controlled access to the facility, the presence of security guards, and potentially other precautions that matter to you. You may also look into insurance options to protect your property in the rare case of theft, fire, flood, or other risks. Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Commercial and residential real estate may have unique needs for storage, including storing staging items for frequent, short-term use, or storing office equipment. You can find storage units that will cater to your needs in the real estate world. for all business storage needs

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Whatever your business storage needs are, you can find the right units through FindStorageFast. Use our locator to find business storage units near you and compare their prices. You can also compare how close they are to your business, and which other features they have that you might need, from climate control to alarms and outdoor access. Then book the unit online with us.